Document & Information Management


Therefore™’s powerful information management solutions safeguard your business information and give you greater productivity, reactivity, flexibility, and visibility into your processes, leading to streamlined business operations, more engaged employees, and better customer service.


Our document solutions are always evolving with some of our current software products on offer being:



Therefore is like an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. It lets you capture, organise and access content, images, documents, reports and other vital information with superb efficiency.

Stored information can be swiftly and easily located via a universal interface, or even the web. Because it’s so user-friendly, all your employees can start utilising it immediately, with minimal training and zero frustration.

Additional capabilities

  • Secure Logins
  • Access levels and usage rights available
  • Ability to make document changes quickly
  • Tracking of changes, who and when
  • Available in on-premise and cloud versions to suit your business requirements.


uniFLOW provides the missing link in device and document security, allowing complete control of the multifunctional device environment. 

uniFLOW is a powerful software platform designed to save you time and money by providing effective control over your entire print and multifunction device (MFD) fleet. The uniFLOW solution can be built from several different components depending on your business needs whether cost control, information security, document capture or workforce mobility. 

uniFLOW is designed to work with both Canon and 3rd party devices to provide one solution platform across the entire print environment. From providing secure printing for mobile devices to allowing users to capture, compress and connect documents directly into back end systems, uniFLOW is a flexible, secure and scalable end-to-end office and in-house print management system. 

This award-winning solution has helped businesses across multiple industries and sectors to realise significant cost savings and increased staff productivity, all through one solution platform.



The IRIS suite of products offer powerful scanning, document classification and OCR solutions that converts paper documents, including forms and invoices, into structured knowledge that can be sent to any DMS system hosted on-premise or in the cloud. 

Iris is a suite of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capture tools that scan and extract key information from documents and connect and integrate with your back office in real time. IRIS is designed to be effectively adapted to any business information capture pain point, so whether you use a DMS, ERP or CRM system, you can be sure of seamless integration. By automating your manual processes, IRIS helps your business to take informed, timely decisions and actions. 

IRIS also has the capability to capture multiple types of documents (TIFF, JPEG, PDF, email attachments) in 137 different languages, barcodes and handwritten characters and convert them into any required format (HTML, Word) for easier processing. 

Especially applicable to the Accounts Payable process, IRIS has a range of scanning solutions designed to make the collection and processing of information accurate, usable and scalable from small businesses right up to large organisations.


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