In an earlier blog we talked about the concept of customer service, and I posed a few questions that you should ask yourself before engaging with a print and document technology business. Those questions included (amongst others):

  1. Am I getting all the information I need to make an informed decision?
  2. Is the business presenting options that solve the problems I face in my business?
  3. Is the product or service achieving quality expectations and delivering on the sales pitch?
  • These core questions should be answered by the consultant when presenting technology options, whether engaging with you in the show room, or on-site. The information you receive from the consultant doesn’t just appear, but is based on an expertise built over time learning and mastering each piece of equipment, and applying it to different business environments on a regular basis.  There is no better way to develop the level of expertise you need and expect from a technology specialist.  When a consultant can bring real business experiences into the conversation, and frame their explanation of product features around what works “in the real world”, you are more likely absorb that information and picture it operating in your business. 

That experience is what I deliver, and that is my commitment to my customers every day. It’s also what frames the experience of doing business with Total Technology Centre.

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