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Managed Document Services

Managed Print Services      

To ensure you get the most out of your investment with us,
we’ll work with you to identify a multifunction printer solution
to suit your business’ needs.


Research & Insights

Change or be left behind
Australian business leaders and the workforce in general know that change is important; a resounding 86 per cent agreed it was, along with 73 per cent acknowledging that their business will be left behind if it does not change. Despite this, just 39 per cent agreed that their organisation openly embraced it, and less than half (49 per cent) took a pro-active stance on change.  Find out more     

The new dawn of corporate mobility
Until recently the idea of corporate mobility has predominantly conjured images of simply being able to access email and mobile internet sites on the move, epitomised by the iconic image of the BlackBerry smartphone. But in 2012, we are entering a new era of mobility, where there are more technology choices, the technology itself is more sophisticated and people are demanding faster and better services for both personal and work use.  Find out more

Business Process Optimisation

We are excited to announce our new document management and workflow system FileCycle.
Your are invited to experience FileCycle with a private demonstration from Brendan Goleby our TTC’s FileCycle expert.


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